DBD: No Wishbones – SikTh


The Lyric clip for the new single „No Wishbones“ the Mathcore troupe SikTh leaves on 26. May follow their yet unnamed panel…

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SikTh - No Wishbones (Official Video)

Parkour with Erik Mukhametshin


And, at Parkour it has become quiet, the 08/15-Kram can we just do not inspire quite. But before I see jump suicidal people rooftops-abyss, I would prefer the entertaining deposits Erik Mukhametshin. The has applied with the lithe jumping up rings on playground and Trepp Engelage at a Red Bull Competition and judging by the minute and a half after very good chance.

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Erik Mukhametshin | Red Bull Art of Motion Submission | 2016

General Lee Stunt Jump


In the course of taking place in Detroit Autorama a stuntman has risen into a General Lee and got the box up a ramp into the air. Then he flew there briefly with the thing in the air…

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Spectacular General Lee stunt jump in Detroit
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General Lee Dukes of Hazard jump at Detroit Autorama

Horizon Zero Dawn – TRAILER


„Horizon Zero Dawn“ is a game, where you hunt and kill giant robot dinosaurs (and bathe in their blood and oily to rape their remains) can. Does pretty much my taste. Above all,, because you really listen to a lot of good things about it and this TRAILER makes total much appetite for more here…

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Horizon Zero Dawn - Launch Trailer | PS4

As the BBC „planet Earth“ like a Hollywood movie can look


Which one of you the BBC TV series „Planet Earth II“ has seen, was undoubtedly amazed at the wildlife – and the shots looked almost like, like a Hollywood action movie. The BBC turns since 60 Years nature documentaries and is always got better, since the cameras, the equipment and the technology will be better. This Video Vox is a little insight into this technology and how it can be used, to film fascinating creatures, do not follow a script…

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How the BBC makes Planet Earth look like a Hollywood movie

Corpses entha aren without razor


To Leichenenthaarung there 1912in New York a pioneering development: The post-mortem Rasierpulver. I am doing always so with my corpses, gehts powder on it and from, without Acid and without „offensive Odor“. Indeed, there is still a bit Background Info to Leichenenthaarungsanzeige, apparently there was at that time a lot of companies for corpses depilation without razor:

The magazine is Casket & Sunnyside for January 1912, and there are ample references to it in Charles Addams [Addams Family] and Jessica Mitford. The worry for the consideration of the cost of a shave (15 cents) for a dead person seems quite an inescapable weirdness and luxury. The weirdness of the name of the company nearly obscures it common nature–it isn’t exactly the Acme Corpse Company, but it is close to it, and it addresses just one small bit of minuatiae of deadness in the vast sea of Dead, Inc.

The sellers of the razorless post-mortem shave equipment didn’t receive a patent for their process–nor did anyone else, for that matter, at least so far as I can determine.

Corpses entha aren without razor

Power Rangers (2017) – TRAILER


The franchise „Power Rangers“ took a year 1993 its start with the American children's series, in a few clad in colorful costumes student with superpowers fought evil. The TV format was then developed based on the Japanese Super Sentai series, which also a Task Force devoted young fighter. Since then, it brought the live-action series of the most chosen five Power Rangers over 20 stagger. In the 90s she moved also the two films „Power Rangers – Der Film“ (1995) and „Turbo: Der Power Rangers Film“ (1997) according to. Although the occupation of Chosen youth is constantly changing, are the predominant colors of the suits, where can the Rangers differ slightly, in the majority of cases Red, Pink, green, Blue and Black. here is the first official TRAILER the big Power Rangers movie and the trailer I like least ever. Theatrical release in our region is the 23. March…

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Power Rangers (2017 movie) Official Trailer – It’s Morphin Time!

Simon’s Cat: Laser Toy


Simon Tofield denkt, it's cool with a laser pen to play with his cat. But first, it is different and as you think… :)

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Laser Toy - Simon's Cat

Lost in Manboo: Japanese, living in Internet cafes


yes friends, you read it right, In the following Video it comes to actually „Life“ and „Live“ in the Internet cafe. „Lost in Manboo“ tells the stories of various Japanese, who have no home of their own more, but in a small cabin Internet („Manboo“) spend most of their lives. I am also very happy times alone, but this combination of modern loneliness and thoughts, not alone, because in addition to a person's snoring is different somehow depressing…

A four-square-metre box with a screen and Computer. This is what Japanese cyber-cafes offer, around the clock. Most customers just spend an hour or two here. But there are thousands who spend their lives in them.

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Residents living permanently in Japan's cyber-cafés - Lost in Manboo

DBD: Surrounded By Death – MEMORIAM


MEMORIAM have a Lyric-Video the song „Surrounded By Death“ released. The album of the British Deathmetalband is on 24. March appear. Memoriam consist of the two ex-Bolt Thrower members Karl Willets and Andy Whale, and the Benediction veterans Frank Healey and Scott Fairfax together…

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This Japanese Muschelfischer should do it every time, to convince him not give up! NEVER GIVE UP, Never Surrender! Look at him you! He muschelt at -10 ° C Shellfish and he believes in you!

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