The fathers of Pixelmonster

Beautiful documentation about the important history of the British video game industry between 1979 and 1996….

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Fathers of Pixelmonster England computer game pioneers

Peeqo: Robot, communicating with GIFs

Friends, I just kind of fell in love. Forget Alexa and Siri, is here Peeqo, the awesome sarcastic Robot, communicates exclusively in GIFs. More Peeqo and technical details are available in this Imgur-Gallerie

Peeqo is a personal desktop robotic assistant who expresses himself through GIFs. Think of him as the love child of Amazon Echo and a Disney character. He has a conversational UI, so he responds to voice commands but answers only through GIFs.

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Peeqo - The GIF Bot

As today's youth on Windows 95 responds

In the start time when starting up a Windows 95 Computer today all smartphone apps are developed and the blue screen time was always a faithful companion. At that time there were no forums, where you could get an infinite number of tips, which also had to do helpful. Instead, there was the magic formula in an emergency from "“For­mat c:“ and one afternoon, everything set up again. Today about jokes made, with what cucumbers we were then on the road and as prehistoric that was all but…

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USB Butt Plug

Where's your backup? fucked up! Well then have fun… ;) To have this USB Buttplug for around 30 € im Shop by GlowFyourself on Etsy

Micro SD card reader, butt plug and data storage dongle! Back that data up like a boss!

USB Butt Plug

OFFF Italy 2016 Title-Animation

Magnificent ANSII kind and lots of PC-Chique for Digital Design Days Milan and Italy OFFF of NERDO…

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DDD + OFFF Italy 2016 Main Titles

If IT professionals dancing: Die Windows 95 presentation

„If we do not burn yourself, can also skip no spark“ thought the former Microsoft-President Steve Ballmer and thundered his leadership the most impressive so far „White Men Can’t Dance“-Performance World. Today it is estimated to top management rather visionaries, in the nineties – the Knowledge we at least since „Wolf of Wallstreet“ – signed to contracts still with the tail. And Steve Ballmer had allerallergrössten. if you always know ever wanted, as manner dance, who never danced, you are welcome:

And whoever does not get enough, here you get one more on top! :)

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Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer - Singing and Dancing

Your PIN is readable by all gone with the wind

Security specialists have developed a method, pick off the PIN numbers while typing on mobile phone on the fluctuations in the WiFi signal strength, by finger- and hand movements and the resulting air circulation caused!

Your PIN is readable by all gone with the wind

WindTalker is motivated from the observation that keystrokes on Mobile devices will lead to different hand coverage and finger motions, which will introduce a unique interference to the multi-path signals and can be reflected by the channel state information (CSI).

By setting up a rogue access point, determining the point in time when a user is entering a PIN (for the Alipay payment system in the demonstrated attack – the largest mobile payments company in the world), and observing the fluctuations in wifi signal, it’s possible to recover the PIN.

The Cyberspaceship

We know not all? Be it from the friend- or acquaintances or from personal experience, the Cyberspaceship travels a lot…

The Cyberspaceship
(via Wrong Hands

CGI mass swordfight

Exciting little demo of Massive Software, let the just once massively many sword-draped warrior race at each other. to animate a character's always the one, but liquid displaying thousands? I go then times buy memory…

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Combat Sword Agent

gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee – TRAILER

It is generally known, that the virus scanner type John MacAfee very, was very rich and a hermit life leads. But precisely did I not pursued and now just this TRAILER saw a documentary about him and ey, that can not be true but so, or?! In the Wikipedia is actually like and I wonder, why it is so little in general awareness, but we, for example, Knowledge, who and what is Kim Dotcom. Lest times friends:

Documentary about the bizarre and scandalous life of tech millionaire John McAfee – famed inventor of anti-virus software – who goes off the grid to live in Belize, building a compound and harem, becoming a drug lord and developing an armed security force to guard himself against the police until he is a suspect in his neighbor’s MURDER and must make a great escape.

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gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee | Official Trailer | SHOWTIME Documentary

Angry customer smashes more iPhones in a French Apple Store

This dissatisfied customer destroyed in Apple-Store at Dijon dozens devices with a metal ball. Apparently he was not satisfied with the customer service offered there. As bad as I do not find the omission of the latch output yes now… ;) Incidentally, the resulting damage to 50’000 € estimated and arrested the man after the action.

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Keepalive: A stone, makes the fire to WLAN

In Lower Saxony Neuenkirchen has Aram Bartholl packed a stone in the forest, becomes the Wi-Fi hotspot, if you light a fire on one side. Through the resulting heat bounces inside the „Findlings“ a generator to, which supplies the current for the router. Brilliant Ideas, But now no need for Pornhub and / or Netflix in the forest, because the hotspot exclusively granted access to Survival Guides… ;)

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