DBD: Purified – SpiteFuel

Since early April the long-awaited debut album by the South German heavy rockers is of „SpiteFuel“ on the shelves. With „Purified“ there are the opener track of the album Video. The images are taken from the recording sessions in Troisdorf Gernhart Studio (Tankard, Destruction, Suidakra) where „Second To None“was produced…

SpiteFuel - Purified (Official Video)

DBD: Fall Of A Nation – Corroded

The Swedish metallers „Corroded“ In mid-April their new album „Defcon Zero“ released. To have the 2004 founded a band Video the song „Fall Of A Nation“ rausgehauen…

Corroded - Fall Of A Nation (Official Music Video)

DBD: Ten Thousand Ways To Die – Obituary

Here the Video the song „Ten Thousand Ways To Die“ the Florida Deather Obituary. The video for the EP Single, it on the new album „Obituary“ has managed, the mid-March has been released, was animated by Balázs Gróf, the entertaining even for the Comic-video „Violence“ charge recorded. this clip also is sympathetic and full of Zombies, Metal and nonsense… :)

Obituary - Ten Thousand Ways To Die (Official Music Video)

DBD: Cross my heart and hope to die – Me And That Man

„Me And That Man“, the side project of Behemoth-singer Nergal, has a song from the current album „Songs of Love and Death“. The song is named „Cross my heart and hope to die“ and who now with darkly extreme Metal expects, should be prepared for a surprise: With „Me And That Man“ treading Nergal atmospheric singer-songwriter paths with positive click Western-felling. Only the gloom, coupled with latent satanic content, has remained the songs…

Me And That Man - Cross my heart and hope to die (Official Video)

DBD: Show Yourself – Mastodon

In the following track sings the Mastodon Drummer Brann Dailor die Lead Vocals, The song comes from the new album „Emperor Of Sand“, that is on the shelves since the end of March…

Mastodon - Show Yourself [Official Music Video]

DBD: shine on – Overkill

from the current Overkill Album „The Grinding Wheel“ there for you today the clip to „shine on“…

Overkill - shine on (Official Video)

DBD: Bronsegud – Kvelertak

the Video to „Bronsegud“ consists mainly of recordings of live shows of Kvelertak. What to see there, could well serve as a reference for, why the Norwegians the tour support for METALLICA make…

Kvelertak - Bronsegud [Official Video]

DBD: Resistance – MEMORIAM

The death metallers MEMORIAM have at their Single „Resistance“ a Lyric-Video released, the song can be found on the album in late March published „For The Fallen“…


DBD: The Ski Mask Way – Body Count

Friends, Today there for you „The Ski Mask Way“ from upcoming album Body Count „Bloodlust“. Frontman Ice-T and his gang publish the disc on 31. More…

Body Count - The Ski Mask Way (Album Track)

DBD: No Love Lost – Terror

Die Hardcore-Formation Terror has the new song „No Love Lost“ their coming EP „The Walls Will Fall“ released. EP is the 28. April on the shelves and include five new songs terror…

Terror "No Love Lost"

Stay away, I don’t want it
You’re a weak motherfucker and it’s pissing me off
Stay away, and don’t doubt it
Keep running in circles with that meaningless talk
My last nerve has been crossed, the final nail driven to the wall
Just stay away and keep that shit from me
The Burning bridges, that’s all I ever saw

Stranglehold got a grip on my mind
you can’t Change, the final nail decides

No Love Lost
Every ounce of respect that I have
It runs out this time – You lost

Just stay away
You’re fucking poison
A thousand deaths for every last one of your lies

Stranglehold got a grip on my mind
You can’t change, the final nail decides
I just want you off my back

No Love Lost
Every ounce of respect that I have
It runs out this time – You lost
just want you off my back

The walls you build
The bridge you break
I’m not sorry
Trapped in a maze
Falling faster
Still it’s getting Closer
Live in the conflict that you bring
Falling faster
Still you’re getting lower
Swim in the chaos that you love

DBD: Judgement Day – Dragonforce

The song „Judgement Day“ takes her from 19. May on the plate „Reaching Into Infinity“. The intro sounds like scooters and in the familiar high-speed Gefrickel it then goes on well…

Dragonforce - Judgement Day (audio)
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