Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers vs Donald Trump

One of the most badass fights on WWE! wherein see more fun Mod in WWE 2K17 we compete Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers to Donald Trump in Handicap Match…

WWE 2K17 Jason Voorhees And Michael Myers VS Donald Trump In A Handicap Match

So fucking creepy may raccoon paws

Raccoons are usually considered lovable and nimble, refined and skillful paws usually wear this cuteness at. But did you know, that precisely these paws, the gereifen by lamellae, also can act seriously creepy?

porch hands

If the head is stuck in a pumpkin

Kristy Ralphs is trust in, family Kürbischnitzen, as the daughter thought, that it would be a good idea, to stick their heads in a pumpkin. Looks also amusing. Too bad, that they not rausbekommt her head readily again.

So this is my daughter attempting to stick her head in her pumpkin 20 seconds after I started filming our family pumpkin carving. Didn’t really turn out as she expected but definitely worth a good laugh for the rest of us though! And yes, she did make it out just fine a few minutes after this Video ended.

Girl Gets Head Stuck In Pumpkin!! Jukin Media Verified (original) *

A few minutes later she could then nevertheless be exempted from the pumpkin – and takes it easy… :)

Part 2...FREEDOM!!! Jukin Media Verified (original) *
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