„Fear the Walking Dead“ Squadron 3: Promo videos and start-date

Until the start of 8. Season of „The Walking Dead“ In October 2017 we have to endure something. but that does not mean, that we complete the Zombies must refrain from Robert Kirkman. „Fear the Walking Dead“ There are also, starting in June, now 3. Season and for the first time, it certainly looks, as would accept the Companion train ride.

fans of „Fear the Walking Dead“ can look forward to a total of 16 happy new episodes. similar to „The Walking Dead“, there will also be here after half a midseason break. How long this will last, is not fixed yet known. In the new episodes of our blended family must, the last part ways has taken, slowly find each other again. Especially Travis (Cliff Curtis) is now on the support of Madison (Kim Dickens) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) reliant, after he last his son Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) Lost has. The new episodes start on 4. June 2017 on US television. Only a few hours later, there „Fear the Walking Dead“ even in our latitudes, because 3. Season starts on Monday, the 5. June 2017, on Amazon Prime Video

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Season 3 Promos (2017)

Summer Shark Attack – TRAILER

Before the summer of Sharknado celebrates his usual return, tries Splendid movie already „Summer Shark Attack“ to ensure splashy entertainment. The film there with us from 28. April 2017 commercially. In the film with Allison Ashley arm and Dave Davis is an idyllic family vacation quickly developed in the Ozark Mountains to a fight for survival, appears as a group of bull sharks attacked and everything, what arises in their way. The deadly attack happens just, as in the nearby town hosts the annual fireworks festival…

Summer Shark Attack - German Trailer HD - from 28.04.2017 commercially!

like me – TRAILER

More beautiful TRAILER for social media Thriller „like me“. The film has at SXSW Festival premiere and see me after the best ever thriller in the Setting, in which „Nerve“ was with Emma Roberts quite decent. Here is apparently much value is placed on aesthetics and the trailer looks quite disturbing from…

After posting a Video of herself robbing a convenience store, The (Addison Timlin) amasses a huge social media following. A reckless loner, she seeks some form of genuine human connection. Through her travels, she encounters a drifter, an Internet troll and a paint huffing outsider who are all pulled into her circle of chaos, junk food, and drugs. In a world of fabricated personalities, Kiya is intent on exposing something gutturally truthful about humanity, but ultimately, she must confront herself.

like me - Official Teaser - SXSW 2017


With „XX“ offer the people behind „V / H / S“ and „The ABCs of Death“ us to a change of perspective of a special kind. For the horror-Anthology draw namely only highly talented directors responsible. The four directors have for the horror anthology „XX“ each converted a movie, is to teach you the fear. Since female directors are basically to be found rare, represents XX definitely have a first feature since. Behind the name St. Vincent hides the singer-songwriter Annie Clark. She sat for the movie „Birthday Party“ im Regiestuhl. The main roles in the individual films can be played by Melanie Lynskey, Angela Trimbur and Christina Kirk. In U.S.&A XX shown only at the Sundance Film Festival and then starts from the 17. February 2017 regularly in US cinemas. at the 26. More 2017 there with us the film on Blu-ray and DVD directly for home cinema…

XX | Official UK Trailer [hd] - on DVD 8th May 2017

Hell No: Finally sensible people in horror movies

Who likes horror movies, had already often times do on a very serious point swabs: The characters. If they were sometimes not so stupid, we would have no bearing Horror Movies. We have to admit, unfortunately, but that it is indeed, what fun. Since the fake goes-TRAILER to the imaginary film „Hell No“ Nicolosi and John Freiler however a completely different way and promises us intelligent people in a probably die boring horror film…

Hell No: The Sensible Horror Film

HUNTING GROUNDS – Trailer and Poster

- No Myth: the Bigfoot-horror takes its course in the first TRAILER

The mystery of the so-called Bigfoot could not be solved satisfactorily to date, it really exist or has anyone here a bad, though extremely effective joking? Some genre filmmakers seem at least to tie this question so much, that in recent years we were already common on the heels of one of the most famous forest dwellers us. The latest attempt, to provide an answer, comes from director John Portanova, of his cast to Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, Jason Vail, David Saucedo, D'Angelo Midili and Bill Oberst Jr in the disastrous „HUNTING GROUNDS“ has suspended. With his horror thriller tells the story of a father- and son-trailer, which is forced by a tragic misfortune to be staying in an old forest hut - in the hunting area of ​​an exposed stem hungry hairy beasts. Accident? American DVD release is the 2. More…

HUNTING GROUNDS - Trailer Bigfoot Horror (2017)

My My Monsters – TRAILER

Here the first TRAILER for Taiwanese Horrorschlock „My my my Monsters“…

Fhe film explores human nature and social phenomena with thriller elements. The story of the film involves a group of high school students discovering Monster attacks.

MY MY MY MONSTERS Trailer (2017) Giddens Ko Horror Movie

If the seat belt solves: Horror at a fair in Paris

At the fair „FAIR THRONE“ in Paris sitting three people in around 50 Meters on the bungee-Bahn „Adrenalin“ – ready to get started. The track is getting ready to free fall – and suddenly falls a woman out of her seat. She dangles below the seats, only with the feet, it depends on the train. By rail together they will be thrown forward and rear, always and again. After what seemed like half an eternity, the train stops. The woman is unharmed. According to France Info TV shall be guilty of the near-death of the woman a broken fastener.


Gremlins: Lifelike characters from Trick or Treat Studios

Friends, Who would not like a little Mogwai at home? As is well known, it remains but not for long when innocent furball, once these past midnight with Eating or water coming into contact. but the subsequent transformation can be absolutely see. Suitable for Halloween bring the Americans from the Trick or Treat Studios two lifelike Gremlins from the eponymous classic by Joe Dante on the market, either or without tufts of hair on the head. The small Monster measures an impressive 71 Centimeters and strikes with 200 $ to Beech. can be pre-ordered, although already, the detailed dolls are sent but only towards August or September. to hunt ideal for guests to Celtic Halloween festival a shiver down the spine – or to bring them into raptures before rapture and nostalgia.

Rock Paper Dead – TRAILER

With his now 74 Years, Tom Holland feels not too old, to return the current horror-mingle Done. The latest work of director „Chucky“- and „Fright Night“-Creator listens to the name „Rock Paper Dead“ and seems to put back on devilish dolls as a source of unspeakable horror. contributed the screenplay for horror thriller Victor Miller (Friday, the 13.) At. The treated with „Rock Paper Dead“ the story of the notorious killer Peter „The Doll Maker“ Harris. As these by 20 Years in prison is released from a mental hospital, first everything points to a successful restart. But at home Peter is soon overtaken by his abused childhood and he is well on the way, back into old, lapsing murderous pattern. „Rock Paper Dead“ to appear later this year…

ROCK PAPER DEAD I Official Trailer HD I 2017, Tom Holland

TV-Tipp des Tages: Ash vs. Evil Dead today 20:15 PM on RTL Crime

Friends, who would have thought a few years ago, Sam Raimi „The Evil Dead“ (Evil Dead) goes into production, let alone ever with FSK 16 would be to buy. But times change and so it happened 2015 the series debut of Ash (Bruce Campbell) and his considerable entourage grown and RTL Crime has the rights to „Ash vs. Evil Dead“ secured and showing the first season starting today, the 19. April 2017 always Wednesdays at on the best time slot 20:15 Clock. Groovy!

Ash is warehouseman, aging womanizer and demon hunter - with a chainsaw instead of a hand. The last 30 he has shied away years, to take responsibility, to grow up and to fight evil. As a demonic plague wipe out humanity threatens, Ash, however, forced, to face his demons - in literally. But fate does not seem to antihero trying to escape from the evil clutches.

Ash vs Evil Dead - Official Trailer (hd) 2015, Bruce Campbell

The Void – German trailer and film clip

so slimy, twisted and disturbing as in „The Void“ were fans of the genre rare in recent years around the finger – or the tentacle – wound. What will become of us, When we die? A demonic presence from „The Void“ wants to know the answer to that. Whether that is indeed the case, and what mysteries still called in „Empty“ lurk, we learn from this country 25. April (Digital) respectively 19. More 2017 (DVD and Blu-ray), if the protagonist of the Sci / Fi-horror must fight to survive. In „The Void“ we accompany the Polizsten Daniel Carter, the night shift is interrupted by a man, the front of the car runs him. Immediately brings Carter the injured to nearby hospital, but so that it occurs unintentionally infernal avalanche los. First dive two mysterious hunters, who seek the unknown after life. But soon the crowd of patients and staff faces a much bigger problem: No one can damn hospital Leave, because outside gathered a knife wielding Horde by dressed in white robes figures, thwart any escape attempt. And when indoors mutate the first victims to sickening monsters, the survivors must recognize, that the door starts to open the hell…

THE VOID Teaser Trailer Deutsch German (2017) Exclusive
The Void - Deutscher Film Clip (2017) Body Horror

Galaxy of Horrors – Red Band Trailer

The anthology film consisting of eight short films, chosen by the person in charge of the Canadian Little Terrors Festival. After „Minutes Past Midnight“ is with „Galaxy of Horrors“ already published the second anthology project of the festival. The collection consists of the following eight short films: „Pathos“ (Dennis Cabella, Fabio Prati, Marcello Ercole), „They Will All Die In Space“ (Javier Chillon), „Eden“ (Todd Cobery), „Entity“ (Andrew Desmond), „Kingz“ (Benni Diez, Marinko Spahic), „Iris“ (Richard Karpala), „Wraparound“ (Justin McConnell), „Everless“ (Antonio Padovan) and „Flesh Computer“ (Ethan Shaftel).

A man is trapped on the aid in a defective cold capsule with no view. During the life support will not stand much longer available for him, and he therefore looks ahead to certain death, He is also forced, several different horror-to watch movies.

GALAXY OF HORRORS Red Band Trailer (2017) Sci-Fi Horror Movie
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