Hacker Fight

Joey and Kyle try mutually to hack the websites. Obviously, the two too many films with Computer-Hacker seen, to their struggle to operate as any stereotypical hacker stereotype, as the black screen with green ACSII characters – although they originate more from the last century… ;)

Hacker Fight

Bad Boys Don’t Smile: conjured grim metal musicians a smile on your face

Inspired by these with the smartphone app FaceApp (Download see link at the end of the article) edited images from the Undertaker, the smile was magic in the face, I've been thinking, as well in Metal-would look musicians. So I got me a couple of bad portraits of Kerry King and Tom Araya Of Slayer, Rob Flynn von Machine Head, Rob Halford von Judas Priest, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, Glenn Danzig, Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead, Rob Zombie, Phil Anselmo, Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett of METALLICA or Marilyn Manson made and chased by FaceApp. What came out here, you see the following images, if you click on the mouse the image:

This also works wonderfully with „evil“ Rappern ;)

The image editor FaceApp Is available for Android or iOS:

Developer: Wireless Lab
Price: Free+

Dick Code: how to(n) best describes his cock

to send a penis photo in place of the next dating and then the Fear to have, that the image of your tail on Tumblr or elsewhere in Internet ends, you can now free, is stored or shared anonymously and without something from you, inform the impressive details about your best piece, without which one can make conclusions about you. With „Dick Code“ You can find the length, the Grosse, the curvature, the veins and the glans, as well as the hair and the spray assets, including the trajectory, Hold the consistency and duration, by choosing appropriate images. „Dick Code“ is the Dating Help manner, who would like to publish everything worth knowing about her tail – and remember friends, Size is not everything! ;)

Pooper Uber is for Hundekacke

For 15 Dollars a month gives twice a day in a radius of 15 km anyone the dog crap behind a away. For 35 Dollar found at Pooper even a dung-Flatrate…

Just a quick tap marks the location of your dog’s poop, and calls a Scooper nearby to come pick it up for you. There’s no reason to wait around. We’ll notify you when the scoop is complete. And payment is fully automated.

Pooper is committed to taking the hassle and the mess out of cleaning up after your dog. Whether you’re on the go, have your hands full, can’t find a trashcan, or just don’t like picking up poop (hey, we don’t blame you!). Pooper is here to help.

Pooper: Never pick up your dog's poop again

How Snapchat would have looked like in the 90's

So Snapchat could look like in the 90s and I'm pretty sure, that those, in which Snapchat today is the first means of communication of their choice, understand only station in this clip. Similarly, in those, find this clip plausible, because they can remember, what it was like, but understand only station in Snapchat. So then it all comes together…

Snapchat in the '90s

Special Olympics: Arnold Schwarzeneggers ingenious response to a hate comment

Currently found in Austria „Special Olympics World Winter Games“ instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the patronage of. On his facebook-Account reports Schwarzenegger about the event and shared with others this Video:


As in Internet so is, not all come from our fellow man with such a variety cope and let their hatred in the comments from. So even with this video, to which a Kommentartor said, that „Special Olymipcs“ would make no sense. Arnold's response is simply great:

Unfortunately, I can the Comment and can not find the comment to comment. Has since been well but deleted. Thanks Gilly Vanilly still in power

calculated Tiiime, how much time you have sacrificed for series

Friends, you have the whole weekend spent on the couch because you necessarily even the entire season „XYZ“ see wanted? And, we know the. But sometimes even one wonders, how much time is actually one this whole series rob. Now there is actually a website, the precisely calculated this time sacrificed. „Tiiime“ calculates the entire series Guck time, where you enter all series, one has ever seen. The list is based on the „movie Database“, Even „Scene of the crime“ is 48 seasons here…

The Internet Warriors

The Norwegian Kyrre Lien is three years for his project „The Internet Warriors“ gone there, where it (listening) hurts and has participated trolls at home and asked them about their motivation. Where "Troll" in this context is still euphemistically, Glaubenskrieger it hits better. Subtitles and „Meet The Internet Warriors – in their own cave“:

Who are the people that get so Angry online? Why do so many of them choose to harass people, threaten people, and stretch the freedom of speech to its limits?
More than a third of us participate in online debates, according to research done by Pew Research Centre. During the past three years, documentarist Kyrre Lien has met some of the most active online commenters across the world. From the fjords in Norway, to the U.S. Desert, a boat in Denmark and an apartment in Lebanon.
He has met the men who generally are a bit older and turn the comments section into a masculine arena, and the women, who more often choose facebook – a much younger arena.
Research also shows that the ones who are very active in debates online are somewhat more critical to immigration and trust the government less than others.

The Internet Warriors

Porn Tech Support

Porn sites are really only service, the need to stand at attention for their customers. What's on, the when shortly before firing Video stops and there are technical problems? If there is a side, charged the credit card your monthly, finding it difficult to surely, nothing to say, or? Much soon gets out of control, if you then overcomes, to go to the error on the track. Username is not the less embarrassing statement. As with many call centers, the call to review the quality is also of course recorded. And yes friends, is selected from „The Big Bang Theorie“ ;)

Porn Tech Support

How dangerous are fakes on the net?

Exciting documentation BR Pulse Fakes about the web:

Fakes spread the net as only cat videos. True evil is the, if such hoaxes are targeted, rushing to. For example, against refugees. I have made myself on the trail of such fakes on the net. Who hurls into the world? How does that apply to victims? And what impact can have as a network-fake in real life?

How dangerous are fakes on the net? || The question

The darknet

In darknet you get Drugs, Weapons and all sorts of perverse movies? This ARD documentary shows the other side of the dark Internet. At least from the 19. Minute this 45-minute documentary. Before it comes Usual - how to get in via Tor? Where can I buy drugs? How do I as a journalist Contacting sellers on? But then it comes to the, which is just as well possible about the dark power: be journalistic activities in the digital underground of a dictatorial acting State. As the Turkish opposition works? How it protects from prosecution and against Hacker on behalf of governments? The documentary picks up speed, about ruined lives works, Photos, the bugs are, former hackers of Syrian intelligence and the seemingly hopeless situation in China. Even if you just Google wants to use…

ARVE Error:
thats all folks! - Video not available

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