Bye, Baby: Russian robot trained with weapons

The Russian politician Dmitry Rogozin has a Video released, the a humanoid Robot shows during practice on a shooting range. Der F.E.D.O.R., which stands for Final Experimental Demonstration Research Object, but is not in the War draw, but fly into space. The unusual training should only improve fine motor skills and the algorithms of the robot. If it goes to the developers, this pre 2021 (unarmed) to Space Station Travel and there then help the astronauts in their work. So we have to worry, much more it gives powerful, that the robot learns, to be able to identify goals and make decisions accordingly. The ability to shoot is there only „a by-product“ - Finally, we have no intention of, to build a terminator. But artificial intelligence is just quite useful. Logical, that there begins with the use of firearms…

'Russian Terminator' shows shooting skills

How children should be excited for the RFID chip

You have the clientele of tomorrow best pregrooves already accordingly today, that McDonald's has recognized and implemented early. Fun Cyborgs the new trend should be, because it is cool and fun makes – and by the way the wallet of Mr. Rothschild filled. And something running on KIKA…


Mit dem Laser entrosten

Impressive as simple and clean all the rust is lasered away. Can I safely use also for removal of tattoos. Ouch and away is the Arschgeweih – and the butt with the same… ;)

Fastest And Safest Way To Remove Rust, Without Chemicals Or Abrasives

Super High Speed Face Mapping

With 1000 Frames the second is this ultra fast and accurate face projection actually going down in real time and adapts extremely well to the faces and movements of the ladies at. Very impressive – and somehow frightening…

This project is achieved as collaborative work Between not bad, Ishikawa Watanabe Lab,TOKYO, responding the call for collaboration by Nobumichi Asai (Wow).

TO NOBODY (Prayer)

Here a bit Making of:

TO NOBODY (Prayer) / Making

And more here, other recordings:

real-time face generator / kagami

The Imam

What would be, if there were machines, which our children concern? This not so unusual thoughts pursued the director Ariel Martin in his short film „The Imam“. It is a humanoid Computer presented, which operated as a babysitter - with a dramatic output. The idea for the short film had Martin, when he saw often in restaurants, how little kids busy blunt with tablet computers. He pondered, what it would be, if the device would look like a man and walk around in your own home the family would. Martin produced then a two-minute long clip, which only the Advertising showed for iMom. Because he was thinking also about, as well looked the world behind the commercial, He shot the film and wove it with the Spot. Among other things, „Emomali“ won the AACTA Awards for Best Short Film and the Wes Craven Award at the Catalina Film Festival.

The Imam

The Lemon Party: Rube Goldberg Machine

with the following Video has Donald Drake whopping 250 Rube Goldberg Machines built and allows for this anniversary three minutes finest chain reaction from the pile. All handmade and pasted together from all sorts of things, the precisely were there. In the passage some points even be used multiple times, what so a savvy hobbyists like Donald is likely to have a costly and time. Even if the end of the „Lemon Party“ somewhat unspectacular, the Wg there has fallen more than entertaining. What is it's name always So beautiful, the route is the goal… ;)

The Lemon Party - CRM/Rube Goldberg TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY (250!)

Robot „Sophia“ ruled over 60 facial expressions

Hanson Robotics showed during the SXSW Interactive a Robot named Sophia, probably the first would not be distinguished from a real person - at least if you or him. Put her a wig, skinfold would meet at the neck and the part blank stare with a focus. Sophia can 62 different facial expressions show and react reasonably appropriate to, analyzed Sophia permanently mimic their counterpart, when it is in a conversation. Own Face can Sophia because of the surface material, was used at Hanson Robotics for a patented rubber, also known as „frubber“, move so versatile.

Maintains one with Sophia, as provided for under the SXSW Interactive was possible, you will certainly limits laid, similar to those, which most of us know about a conversation with Siri or Cortana. While Sophia is able, to give very thoughtful answers, there are moments, where it seems easy just to recite - about as if she were completely objectively read an article from an encyclopedia. Perfect human is "“Sophia The Robot“ So far…

Hot Robot At SXSW Says She Wants To Destroy Humans | The Pulse | CNBC

Pooper Uber is for Hundekacke

For 15 Dollars a month gives twice a day in a radius of 15 km anyone the dog crap behind a away. For 35 Dollar found at Pooper even a dung-Flatrate…

Just a quick tap marks the location of your dog’s poop, and calls a Scooper nearby to come pick it up for you. There’s no reason to wait around. We’ll notify you when the scoop is complete. And payment is fully automated.

Pooper is committed to taking the hassle and the mess out of cleaning up after your dog. Whether you’re on the go, have your hands full, can’t find a trashcan, or just don’t like picking up poop (hey, we don’t blame you!). Pooper is here to help.

Pooper: Never pick up your dog's poop again

The Vespa robotic ball you wearing anything behind

The Vespa Piaggio Bauer has even following Robot, developed the loads transported, which should make it easier to lengths, get the shopping or other serious things without car home. Gita, so called Piaggio robot, can carry almost 20kg and the battery is intended to 8 persevere hours. Sounds interesting and will certainly (more) box a fortune…

Meet ‚Gita‘. It can carry up to 40 pounds, follow you around and use 3D mapping to navigate through urban spaces. Gita has 8 hours of battery life.

Vespa robotic orb for carrying stuff

Strauss learns to fly, thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S8

Recently, Samsung its new flagship smartphone Galaxy presented S8 / 8+ including new peripherals. but perhaps more creative highlight of the presentation in New York was the great spot for the virtual reality goggles Gear VR. In the spot from Leo Burnett an African Ostrich learned thanks to VR glasses flying. And like chalk and cheese Elton Johns song fits „Rocket Man“ to clip…

Samsung Official TVC: Ostrich

Cassette player for 20 Cassettes

I myself grew up with a double cassette recorders, a Abpspielgerät for 20 Tapes I have not, however, seen. Panasonic built with the RS-296US in the early 70s as a part…

Retro-Tech: The 1972 Desktop 'iPod'
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