How is pulling a little curly

Someone called Gray of Vale Head Farm in Stourbridge, England, shows us, how can relatively easily entringeln the pigtail of a hinge Inches…

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How to straighten a pigs tail!

Why an igloo keeps its inhabitants hot

Friends, if you ever stranded in the snowy Arctic, you have to survive for your necessarily Knowledge, How to build an igloo. But why this house holds of ice its inhabitants hot? The science behind the construction of an igloo is the same reason, Why not freeze to Otter and reindeer to death…

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How An Igloo Keeps You Warm

How to make a chocolate bar from scratch

In this fantastic series of videos Andy George travels to Mexico and examines the process, as is from the cocoa fruit chocolate. The videos below show each step of the process, from picking the pods, is to tempering chocolate and how then finally from a chocolate bar…

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Do You Know Where Chocolate Comes From?
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Harvesting Cacao | How To Make Everything: Chocolate Bar
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Fermenting & Roasting | How To Make Everything: Chocolate Bar
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Sugarcane | How To Make Everything: Chocolate Bar
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Peanut Butter & Caramel Fillings | How To Make Everything: Chocolate Bar
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Chocolate Making | How To Make Everything: Chocolate Bar
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Chocolate Bars | How To Make Everything: Chocolate Bar

This man spent 40 Years alone in the forest – Now science loves him

Sometime in the 70's Billy Barr in a cabin in the mountains of Rocky pulled Mountains. all alone. He spends his days there since apparently so, live and in winter so, the fallen Snow and to measure temperatures and to archive the results. He is considered the unofficial caretaker of Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory. Therefore climatologist keep him now for a quite meaningful witnesses of climate change. National Geographic has even Poked at him…

Welcome to gothic, Colorado—one of the coldest places in the United States. This ghost town has been abandoned since the 1920s, but there is at least one person who still calls it home. For more than 40 years, current resident billy barr has lived in a small cabin, recording data about the snowpack to pass the time. In this short film, Morgan Heim of Day’s Edge Productions profiles the legendary LOCAL who inadvertently provided scientists with a treasure trove of climate Change data.

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He Spent 40 Years Alone in the Woods, and Now Scientists Love Him | Short Film Showcase

The universe in 4 Minutes

Youtube user exurba1 tells us the whole universe, Included lots of meaningful nonsense, In knapp 4 Minutes…

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The Universe in 4 Minutes

Why signify several words in English the same?

In the following Video we learn about the American language history and why there are often several terms for one and the same thing. Different cultural influences, have created something like two completely different language treasures, Who developed in parallel and then performed together somehow. How could proceed exactly, explains Mental Floss, supported by nice no drawings.

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The Double Vocabulary of English

Hedberg: How to build a bionic hand from an old coffee machine

Evan Booth likes to build things out of other things, the seemingly useless lying around. So he has here actually from an old Coffee-Machines built a bionic hand. My enthusiasm is here really hard to put into words. It is completely mistaken, but needed just too good 200 Hours. total cool.

Build details:
• One single Keurig used (K350/300 2.0 Brewer)
• The only non-Keurig materials are adhesives and the 12v external power supply
• Used basic tools—rotary, heat gun, common hand tools, etc.
• No plans…just a general idea of how things should be constructed
• Build time: 199 hours, 56 Minutes, and 36 Seconds (read: hands on things)

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Hedberg — The Bionic Hand Made from One Keurig Coffee Maker

The fathers of Pixelmonster

Beautiful documentation about the important history of the British video game industry between 1979 and 1996….

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Fathers of Pixelmonster England computer game pioneers

Coop sells worm burgers and insects Mincemeat from May 2017

According to Business Insider sells Coop, one of the two major Swiss supermarket chains, from May 2017 Mealworm burgers and meatballs from insects. I'm sure about the first in line and perhaps I will indeed soon insect Aryans, who knows? Currently is precisely again Dschungelcamp-time…

Starting May 2017, Coop, one of Switzerland’s largest wholesale retailers, will start selling „Burgers“ and „meatballs“ — both primarily made from mealworm larvae — at select grocery locations. It will Partner with Essento, a Swiss startup that makes food from insects, Switzerland’s the LOCAL reports.

Coop plans to eventually offer more insect products Beyond burgers and meatballs, Essento co-founder Christian Bärtsch tells Business Insider. He declined to specify what they will be and how many Coop locations will carry Essento’s products.

The brown Network

This film by Caterina Woj and Andrea Röpke somehow makes so no feeling optimistic with regard to the, what may come as. Creepy. Really creepy…

always unleashed the calls on the roads. Hass controlled against Merkel, refugees, Democracy and Rule of Law. What began with Pegida, is the gigantic electoral success of the AFD to a new, become angry movement.

In most cases the right and often racist. strategists, intellectual pioneer and a whole new Boy try generation of right-wing populists, influencing this movement and control: Neo-Nazis in backrooms with deep connections in business circles. They heat up the crowd and are the real players behind the Call of people and lies Press.

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[NPD/AFD/Pegida] The brown Network- Doku 2017 hd

„The Rolling Stones“ 1968 In the recordings to „Sympathy for the Devil“ in the studio

Jean-Luc Godard hat 1968 in London for his documentary Sympathy for the Devil (or One Plus One) the Rolling Stones in their photographs of „Sympathy for the Devil“ accompanied with the camera. Without being the biggest fan of the World Stones, I find these recordings yet somehow impressive. That's just a huge part of music history, where you can watch the emergence here…

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Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil - 1968 -

Chris Pratt takes from a fish

Probably there is not much more masculine, exempt as a fish and filleting and thingy. No idea. My fishing experience is very, tiny, therefore shows us the actor and Outdoorsman Chris Pratt, how to deal with his catch…

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Chris Pratt Cleans and Guts A Fish | Vanity Fair

Sitting can be fatal!

How Unhealthy the long sitting is actually and what health effects it can have, shows us the following ingeniously made infographic. Show Many scientific studies, that he communicates with several serious diseases and shorten our life:

Sitting can be fatal - Infographic to sedentary & excessive sitting

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As the figures were animated in Rogue One

Industrial light and Magic have for the latest movie star wars-quasi placed number two figures completely virtual to the canvas. Grand Moff Tarkin and Princess Leia are therefore risen Using CGI again. We found the both times not really succeeded and sometimes unnecessary. Especially with Leia hints would have been enough and Tarkin would have done one or the other shorter setting. Here and there it looked really not bad, but in the end it falls flat on completely and you get yourself out of Story. well. ABC News in any event the makers visited and gives us insights into the development of the scenes…

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How Rogue One Created Princess Leia, Grand Moff Tarkin
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