„Fear the Walking Dead“ Squadron 3: Promo videos and start-date

Until the start of 8. Season of „The Walking Dead“ In October 2017 we have to endure something. but that does not mean, that we complete the Zombies must refrain from Robert Kirkman. „Fear the Walking Dead“ There are also, starting in June, now 3. Season and for the first time, it certainly looks, as would accept the Companion train ride.

fans of „Fear the Walking Dead“ can look forward to a total of 16 happy new episodes. similar to „The Walking Dead“, there will also be here after half a midseason break. How long this will last, is not fixed yet known. In the new episodes of our blended family must, the last part ways has taken, slowly find each other again. Especially Travis (Cliff Curtis) is now on the support of Madison (Kim Dickens) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) reliant, after he last his son Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) Lost has. The new episodes start on 4. June 2017 on US television. Only a few hours later, there „Fear the Walking Dead“ even in our latitudes, because 3. Season starts on Monday, the 5. June 2017, on Amazon Prime Video

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Season 3 Promos (2017)

Fist of Jesus

Fist of Jesus“ is a very entertaining little Splatterfilmchen, of my humor has taken exactly. The actors are a bit amateurish and not really good, let alone the effects, but that's what makes me the film so appealing. Fifteen minutes full peppered with whimsical absurdities, „Braindead“ meets „Life of Brian“! The very idea that Jesus the Zombies slaughters that he has specially brought to life is to shoot! And when the deadly fish I almost fell off my chair! :)

After Jesus (Marc Velasco) has received the message, that Lazarus had died, he is immediately on the way, to resurrect him from the dead. Through a few careless mistakes him the operation fails, however, and Lazarus as Zombie resurrected. Jesus could not know, of course,, that this would lead to a zombie epidemic. Together with his good friend Judas (Noé Blancafort) He stands up to fight against the undead…

Fist of Jesus HQ

Ibiza Undead – TRAILER

yes friends, the TRAILER looks so bad, as the title of the film sounds. For Comedy „Ibiza Undead“ and its director is Andy Edwards responsible. The cast in the film include Cara Theobold, Emily Atack and other…

A group of young people head to Ibiza for the holiday of a lifetime – all the sun, sea and sex they can handle. If only there wasn’t a Zombie outbreak getting in the way.

IBIZA UNDEAD Trailer (2017) Comedy Horror Movie

iZombie – Trailer 3. Squadron

iZombie“ I had Ehrlich not even told on the screen, because it's felt like ages ago, that the second season ended. In any case, I like the wonderfully comically overwrought series, the colorful, Shrill, very funny, sometimes with Monster of the week and sometimes comes with a slightly larger plot therefore. „iZombie“ now goes on 4. April in die 3. Squadron…

iZombie Season 3 TRAILER (hd)

The Rise of the Zombie Movie

Zombies, everywhere you can see zombies! Showtimes, on TV, staring at the road to the mobile – Ups, called yes Smombies, but comes out almost to the same thing. as well as always, Zombies are all the rage and if we are not careful, we are soon in all zombies mouth. Jacob T. Swinney has provided a short history of zombies in films together, by „white Zombie“ Of 1932, of the zombie for the first time in the film showed the works of Romero, gave the zombies a little more depth, extends to reaching the mainstream and self-irony, we can observe so today. So pretty nice and at the end we see just a few very, beautiful scenes, I tell you… :zombie_head1:

The Rise of the Zombie Movie

St. Zombie Girls‘ High School – TRAILER

the TRAILER for Japanese Zombie-Trash „St. Zombie Girls‘ High School“ looks really horny and what comes to us as well does not sound bad:

A new type of virus makes ‚GIMP‘, the dead that eats human flesh, which results in leading 99 percent of human in the world ruined. In a school surrounded by fences against Gimps, seven girls lead school lives. The girls are the hope for the human; Nonoka, Moe, Emir, peg, Akari, Karin and Miyu. They are only taught how to fight against Gimps, not knowing the world outside of the school and other than their teachers. However, the nightmare Momoka had have gradually been changing their lives. one day, Moe gets bitten by a Gimp during their training. This incident triggers Nonoka to have distrust for the school. Confliction with the school principal. In the end of the battle, Finally, the girls will learn the fearful truth…!

St. Zombie Girls' High School (Hijiri zonbi jogakuin) Teaser Trailer

TV-Tipp des Tages: Fear the Walking Dead auf RTL 2

In addition to the „The Walking Dead“ and „Z Nation“ brings RTL 2 Today, the 11. March from 22:15 PM German free TV premiere „Fear the Walking Dead“, the following the start of the sixth season „Game of Thrones“ will be on display. Every Saturday there is then equal to three episodes from the first season, their sixth and final episode thus it flickers already a week on the screens. Whether RTL 2 receives the much longer second season in the rotation, is not yet known to date. With „Fear the Walking Dead“ presents Comic-Author and „The Walking Dead“-Creator Robert Kirkman, the first spin-off of the successful series…

High school guidance counselor Madison Clark and English teacher Travis Manawa have laboriously built up a bit of stability and daily life within their blended family. Despite some problems within the family, all have very well arranged together. But suddenly threatening the outbreak of a mysterious epidemic and slow the social structure begins to dissolve. The living dead take possession of Los Angeles and the military takes over the fight against the disease. Here are spreading violence and destruction always more from, resulting in civil unrest. For the blended family is established: You need the city Leave. A hopeless flight begins. An escape, the each pushing its limits.

Fear the Walking Dead - TRAILER (German)

Reset: French pilot shows, how to „The Walking Dead“ properly adapted

The TV Pilot „Reset“ could be financed by a crowdfunding campaign, but then, despite positive feedback and sincere interest to locate a transmitter, said 10 wanted to produce episodes. As the following pilot proves, is a real shame. The series acts as an antidote to the weekly administered trash, AMC accuses his consent Zombie viewers to Frass. In contrast to the adventures in the forest there are in „Reset“ an immediate sense of size and location, where the story takes place. It is refreshing to, like the characters rather makeshift shimmy from one situation to another, without there being always large „events“ must give, with whom „The Walking Dead“ almost exclusively operates. At the same time, there is no long monologues still pregnant with meaning dialogues, the people speak and act very authentic to my mind. For this purpose the representation of violence focuses less on the zombie bites, but the deeds, the harm to the survivors mutually. I like especially the melee in the skyscraper, as short as it may be. Here an exciting feeling of closeness is created for me, something, I at „The Walking Dead“ miss has always. Even the rather quiet sound mix gives me a sense of reality. The series would have told of a group of survivors, after the outbreak of an unspecified disease in Greater Paris between gangs and Zombies must survive.

RESET focuses his story on 5 survivors in the midst of infected, but also gangs can be even more dangerous, in a post apocalyptic Paris. The world is gone and these 5 very different personalities will have to reveal themselves to survive.

Reset - A Roof For Dying - Pilot
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